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If you are 55 or over you automatically qualify as a Member of Buckingham Golf Club Seniors. We pride ourselves on being one of the most vibrant Seniors' Sections of any Club in the area- and probably the most convivial! We take pride in having one of the most active sections of Buckingham Golf Club.
Add to this the fact that you are eligible to play in matches against a variety of clubs in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Warwickshire then you are some way to understanding why the section is so popular. We are not a Club within a Club: members are encouraged to participate in all aspects of Club life. There are additional 'roll-up and play' groups early on various days during the week, allied to this there are Club competitions most Wednesdays and the Seniors Competitions on selected Fridays during each month. By joining in with the Seniors, you can greatly increase the number of competitions and matches you can playing, you can of course continue to play in all Club competitions and matches too. Inter-Club matches at home are mainly on Fridays, and a few on Tuesdays, away matches can be on any day depending on the away Club. A full fixture list is supplied to all Members who need one. Plus one is posted on the Seniors Board. 


Sociability is high on our list of priorities. Getting to know other members by putting your name in the first available slot on our Time-sheets (be aware that they soon fill up!). There is a high level of competitiveness, but friendly banter is the order of the day at the 19th. 
COMMUNICATION Our notice board in the men's locker room is the focal point for Seniors' information, this is where match and competition entry sheets are displayed. You can also add your address to the Club Website with other contact details. 

The 2019 Seniors Committee is as follows: 

Captain: Nigel Watts

Vice Captain: Neil Mclver

Treasurer: Harry Smith 

Secretary: Jerry Bartlett 

Fixture Secretary: Joe Farrell 

Trophy Manager: John Carter

Immediate Past Captain: Tim Lenihan

The Captain and Committee Members are either elected or re-elected at the Seniors AGM. 

How to Register for Golf and Information on Seniors' Competitions 

Seniors Fixture List

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